5 Creative Gatecrashing Ideas For Your Wedding

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During ancient times where Chinese marriages were often arranged, there were gatecrashing traditions introduced in order to lighten up the atmosphere. In addition, the Chinese believe that creating a noisy scene during such joyous occasions is believed to ward off evil spirits. The traditions have passed on and are commonly seen even till today. Whether it is to provide a form of test for the groom or purely for entertainment purposes, gatecrashing is something to look forward to on your big day. Gatecrashing seems to be every bridesmaid’s dream but every groom and groomsman’s nightmare. If you are the bride-to-be or groom-to-be who are looking forward to some fun and thrill for your gatecrashing, we have compiled a list of creative ideas for you.

1. Make A Grand Entrance

What’s more appropriate than starting the day with a bang? Well, make a grand entrance to impress the bridesmaids. In the good old days where firecrackers are allowed, grooms set off firecrackers at the auspicious timing. In the modern day, all you can do is to make a grand entrance. Hire a Lion Dance troupe or simply ask your brothers to show off a few moves of Lion Dance. Bring in the cymbals and drums and people could definitely hear you before they even see you.

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Otherwise, be the mafia boss from the Shanghai Tang era. Come fetch your bride with a retro-looking car and step out in that traditional Chinese outfit of yours. Have your groomsmen dressed up as your disciples from the olden Shanghai Tang days. This is definitely modern with an oriental twist, which sure gets everyone turning their heads as you drive past on the streets of Singapore. Bonus: cue some Shanghai Tang background music as you enter to pick your bride up.

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2. All In The Name Of Fun – Fun, Games & Pranks

What’s a wedding gatecrash without some fun and games? Perhaps, on this joyous day, the groomsmen and groom might even be up for some prank in exchange for some laughter from the bridesmaids. This is the time where the groomsmen show some team spirit for their “bro”. Are you game for it? You could consider games that test the groomsmen and groom’s strength and fitness or even something that gets the men physical with one another. If you are curious to see the more feminine side of the macho men, then let them put on makeup for a role reversal scenario. Advice for the groom and his band of brothers, let loose and reveal the cheeky side of yours.

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3. Theme Galore – Make Up/Come With a Theme

An avid fan of a certain movie, TV personality or cartoon? Well, it’s your chance to show it off on your big day especially during gatecrashing! “Expecto Patronum!” – Be a wizard and dress your groomsmen and yourself up like the wizards in the Harry Potter series. Fret not even if you can’t attend Hogwarts because you are still cool with your band of brothers who have your back.

 Image Credit: Antelope Studios

If you are not into wizards but the cute minions that are loved by everyone, then you can beedoh your way to pick up your bride. Your brothers will be loyal to you like how the minions are loyal to Gru. 

 Image Credit: Antelope Studios

Out to hear some hearty laughter? You could even dress up as Phua Chu Kang in the huge yellow construction boots.Image Credit: John15 Photography

Or go full out and bring the whole Sun Wukong squad with you, with a little twist in the end that would make everyone 'blush'. Oh, and don't forget to stuff Zhu Bajie's (the pig) belly!

lmage credit: Acapella Photography

On your big day, you could be anyone you want to be so let your imagination run and come out with themes that would blow others off their feet. 

4. Be A Superstar Chef

Know that your wife-to-be is a certified foodie? Unleash the inner chef and whip up some interesting dishes for her bridesmaids and her. Despite the bridesmaids being merciless enough to let you have a literal taste of anything sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, you are going to be magnanimous to whip up something delicious for them in order to please them. Of course, be weary of them as they might have the pickiest taste buds of them all that could give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

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5. So You Think You Can Dance?

Ever dream of being as fabulous as Beyoncé but have trouble because of your off-key voice and two left legs? Well, on this special day of yours, you could be whoever you want to be and no one’s going to judge you (well, who knows?). Battle it out on the dance floor or hit the high notes of your favorite ballad. The bridesmaids are in for some good laugh but we are pretty sure the expectant bride is going to hear every sincere note that the groom belts.

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