Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photographs Perfectly Shot

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Pre-wedding photos are a beautiful way to showcase your love to your nearest and dearest on your wedding day. From casual to editorial, quirky to posed, neighbourhood locations to shoots that take us around the world, there’s so much to love about a good photoshoot. Read on for some pre-wedding magic that really caught our eye.

Timing is everything in these next few photos, creating surprising elements that could have been easily missed. From elements in nature, to situations made by crowds, these couples stayed in their love bubble to freeze frame a romantic moment they’ll remember forever.

Pigeons aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to romance, but there’s something about the complimenting tones, iconic monument, and the couple being perfectly framed amongst an abundance of fluttering feathers that just makes this photo pop.

Image credits: OneThreeOneFour 

Walking the streets of a busy European city doesn’t sound very intimate, but the combination of floating bubbles, smiling children, and love-filled look between the couple, creates an intimacy amongst chaos that just oozes love.

Image credits: Acapella Photography

How many of us can say they have been this up close and personal with Australian wildlife? We’re sure this moment is one the couple will never forget and we applaud the photographer for being quick on the shutter to capture it.

Image credits: Acapella Photography

Rainbows are a captivating marvel that can add magic to anything. Being at the right place at the right time to capture this colourful phenomenon is a special thing, and we adore the look of love on this couples face.

Image credits: Senica Photos

We all love a sunset shoot; the tones, the landscape, everything just screams romance. We love how the photographer caught the light flare right between the couple, creating a striking silhouette that highlights their love.

Image credits: Darren and Jade Photography

A savvy photographer can make the most of any location capturing unique elements, making the most of unexpected weather or just clever framing. See how these next photos really utilised their setting to create these eye catching images.

Hot air balloon tours can take over the sky, but this couple made the most of this colourful intrusion by making them the perfect backdrop. The layers of colour, complimenting colours worn by the groom, create an effortless magic that make it look like a planned event.

Image credits: OneThreeOneFour

This blizzard may not be the ideal weather for some, but light reflecting off falling snowflakes as the couple kisses beneath them is pure perfection.

Image credits: Highest Kite Weddings

A topshot angle is a clever way to create intimacy and draw your eye to the couple, highlighting their love. These next photos use a bird’s eye view to successfully hero the lovebirds in some stunning locations.

The colours in this photo are simply gorgeous it would be easy for them to drown out the couple, but the bride’s white gown contrasts and cuts through all those rich shades, and the wide angle creates a tranquil moment that you feel privileged to witness.

Image credits: OneThreeOneFour

Though the tones in this shot are more subdued than the previous, the close angle emphasises the texture of the grass - so close you can almost feel it - creating an atmosphere full of intimacy and secrets.

Image credits: Androidsinboots

The epic landscape of raw rock and crashing waves is a dramatic visual that can easily distract from the couple, but fanning out layers of the brides elegant gown creates a striking focal point that you just cannot miss.

Image credits: Depthofeel

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