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Want to declare your love with a ring that is truly exceptional? With Love & Co.’s LVC Diamond Concierge, you’re in safe hands.

Love & Co - LVC Diamond Concierge

Having dominated the Singapore market for over a decade, Love & Co. is no stranger to the jewellery scene, and it’s no surprise why. With its strong proposition revolving around love and exquisite products, Love & Co. is renowned for its impeccable service. Today, to meet the needs of today's consumers, the brand has rolled out a bespoke service called LVC Diamond Concierge, an experience that allows consumers to personalise their rings beyond the traditional 4Cs.

Bespoke Service

With a strong belief that every couple deserves a ring as unique as their love story, LVC Diamond Concierge offers over 30,000 design combinations, and uniquely allows their customers to piece their designs together in accordance to their preferences and budget. Now this service is available at all Love & Co. stores.

Love & Co. understands the importance of tactility and physical experience when it comes to deciding on such an emblem of love while other jewellers may use traditional methods of sketch drawings to help with your design, you will be hands-on, physically piecing together your design, allowing you to visualise there and then the finished piece. You will choose your material type, ring head, body and bezel design under the guidance of their specialists before deciding the diamonds from their Lovemarque and latest Star Carat Diamond collections.

With each design lovingly made by the finest craftsmen in the field, and is being checked thoroughly to ensure every ring is perfect, you are guaranteed to have an intimate and personalised encounter, leaving your experience with the confidence that your perfect ring is on its way.

Specially Curated Diamonds, Now for Less 

Love & Co. is now delivering a cutting-edge collection which is their latest Star Carat Diamond, a sustainable diamond with exceptional purity that is created with the state-of-art technology. Its diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to their mined counterparts. The beauty lies not just in the diamond but the price, these diamonds are available at a fraction of the price. With a 1 carat Star Carat Diamond starting at $2,999*, Love & Co. offers you more for your money without any compromise. All of their diamonds are curated and handpicked by experts, so whether you decide on a stone crafted by Mother Nature or one with added awareness on sustainability, Love & Co. offers you the luxury of choice. 

Exclusive Services

Here's how to start your bespoke journey, from beginning to end, with Love & Co.’s exclusive service, rest assured that you’re being looked after. Your experience will start with an appointment at one of Love & Co.’s luxury showrooms, where you’ll receive a preliminary introduction before embarking on your design journey - fully guided through their full diamond and ring collections with a jewellery specialist. Choose to enjoy this bespoke service at their Jewel Changi showroom and enjoy your one-on-one consultation in privacy and comfort in one of their spacious booths.

*terms and conditions apply

For a truly exceptional service, and a one of a kind engagement ring, book a consultation with Love & Co.’s experienced and accomplished team, where they’ll walk you through their process and deliver you a design that is truly magical.

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