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Hair and Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Mich Makeover

Actual: fr SGD800 / Solemnization: fr...


Charlane Yu Makeup and Hair

Actual: fr SGD350 / Solemnization: fr...

Melvin & Jacq

A2i Makeup

Actual: fr SGD680 / Pre-wed: fr SGD880

Shuan & Su

Makeup Maestro

Actual: fr SGD420 / Solemnization: fr...

Actual Day Bridal Makeup (I)

Best of You

Actual: fr SGD280 / Solemnization: fr...

Joel & Lihui

The Beauty Society

Actual: fr SGD550 / Solemnization: fr...



Actual: fr SGD260 / Solemnization: fr...

Bridal Makeup (I)

Vivien Low Makeup & Hair

Actual: fr SGD450 / Solemnization: fr...

Bridal Makeup

Christine Chia Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Actual: fr SGD450 / Solemnization: fr...