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Photo Booth and Reception Services

Matt & Qiu Wei

Tiny Photo

Photo Booth: fr SGD780 / Roving Photo...

Vincent & Leanne

The Story Box Co.

Photo Booth: fr SGD588

Sheng & Cuifen


Dessert Table: fr SGD950

James & Cheryl

Aww Snap

Photo Booth: fr SGD880

David & Charisse (Photo Booth)

Fabfoto Booth & Souvenir Pte Ltd

Photo Booth: SGD380 / Roving Photogra...

Photo Booth

Fourstops Photography

Photo Booth: fr SGD650

Elegant Purple

Baker V

Dessert Table: fr SGD699

Mobile Coffee Services

Alliance Coffee

Mobile Coffee Services: fr SGD300

Koon Yu & You Zi

iSnap Photography

Photo Booth: SGD600 / Roving Photogra...