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Your wedding is a special day in the lives of couples. However, the planning for that special day involves much stress. There is often too many decisions to make, challenges to resolve, and obstacles to overcome at every turn in the journey to the altar. You will be particular about every single detail leading up to the big day, from carefully orchestrated to totally spontaneous to asking with the help of loved ones. No matter how detailed you are in your planning, there will be problems and unforeseen circumstances. 

At Annabel Law Productions, taking photographs is not the only thing we do. We want to partner with you and be intimately involved in the process of preparing for your special day. 

Our team will create an environment in helping you, your family and friends be comfortable with us and be your go-to source in solving on-the-spot issues. 

Through our good service and hard work, your photos will be like a family heirloom, cherished for years to come. We will take care of every aspect of recording your special day. Capturing memories to last a lifetime.

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