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John15 Photography was born from a decade of film adventure, and digital artistry. We have won a smattering of awards from Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, The Masters Photographers Association UK and John15 is listed as Top 30 Asia Photographers by TOPweds. It is our privilege to be the one to Tell Your Story.

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Cheryl Heng

Charismatic And Professional John and Jaclyn gave off really warm vibes and somehow John was able to make us feel comfortable in awkward positions (he gave clear really clear instructions). They went the extra mile to carry our bags for us, make sure that we had enough time, searched for ideal places to take the shots and that our our feet do not hurt too much in heels. It was overall a really pleasant experience with them from the pictures that came out during the wedding dinner, I have no doubt that the rest of the album would also be of the best quality.


Baey Shi Chen

Exacting in their professional and aesthetic standards as well as friendly and personable, Jac and John made our wedding day one to remember, not only for us but also for our wedding party. Jac's make-up skills gave me the boost I needed after a restless night, while John not only worked swiftly and captured precious candid moments between our families and us but was also able to transform whatever setting we happened to be in into a unique photographic moment. However, what was most impressive was both their passionate commitment to getting things just so, and that gave us all the confidence that we made the right choice.


Cindy Fransisca

We first met John and Jac half a year before the prewedding that we want to have in Singapore. Before the shoot, both of us had a very good impression of John as a photography professional. He asked good questions about how we got to know each other and although our story of how we met was very regular through school, to him, it was impoartant part of the story. We were continually connected with them through whatsapp as they updated us about the photoshoot concepts, even about the weather! I enjoyed that John is very funny and made us laugh so much during the shoot. Jac is always at hand to make sure I don't perspire and ruin my makeup. She was able to touch me up professionally too. It was a 6-hour shoot in hot hot hot singapore but we loved the results! The beautiful skyline was captured so beautifully with us in front! Really won't be forgetting this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Esther Werner-Tan

I have known John for 17 years so naturally when I got hitched, it was truly a blessing to have John15 do the shoot for us here in Bavaria, Germany. Through this photography experience, I have witnessed my dear friend grow in his craft and it has flourished further ever since Jaclyn joined forces with him. I must say this pair can really create wonders together. When they first arrived Munich airport, both of them fell quite ill with flu, yet they refused to rest more than necessary but to do their best to conceptualise and scout locations for the shoot. The cold unpredictable temperature did not help with their condition but they gritted their teeth and went on. We covered Passau, Salzburg, Königssee, Hallstatt, Schloss Hellbrunn in a short span of 10 days with 5 different styles. To cite only a couple of examples of why John15 is the best, is not doing John15 much justice. We remember that when we were in Hallstatt, John refused to give up finding the unique perspective for the shoot. We climbed over a fence to a restricted area, and with John squashed in a corner to get as much of a wide angle that he could, we quickly posed ourselves on the perilous lower rocks of a cliff. By river Ilz in Passau, Jaclyn would pull back the stubborn heavy branches of a tree just so that John could get shots of us in his usual unique perspective. She would also hold the heavy equipment in position during the various shoots. The constant overstraining of her body brought on an injury which thankfully she recovered quickly from. In Königssee, John practically soaked himself in the ice cold water to get the shot done, despite not having fully recovered from his flu. I loved listening to how John and Jaclyn discussed about the shoots, how they seem to fuel each other's artistry with their special chemistry which rubs off on you and make you feel comfortable and invincible to make any shoot possible. Choosing John15 for your photography is not only a guarantee that you will have photos that leave people awestruck, but you will also gain awesome memories, great fun and friendship. What a bonus.


April Tan-Chia

We engaged John & Jaclyn from John15 photography for our local pre-wedding shoot. We had already done a pre-wedding shoot in Japan earlier on but we wanted to do another one locally with our dog, Polar. We selected John and Jaclyn for their experience, enthusiasm and professionalism. Seeing that we already had the usual pre-wedding shots, John and Jaclyn brainstormed together with us on how best to make our shoot different, and how we can bring out the best in not only us but of Polar. We made the decision together to break the shoot into two, half to have an ethereal forest feel with Polar. The second half of the shoot will focus on just the two of us, but with a different kind of concept, somewhat like Shanghai Tang in Little India to showcase my cheongsam with the contrasting background. In order to make the shoot more interesting, we did away with all the usual happy couple smiles but explored how we could use intensity and sensuality to produce outstanding photos. John and Jaclyn are exceeded our expectations in their professionalism and we had so much fun! John was a great director in getting the type of look and feel that he wants and while Jaclyn was always by my side making sure I looked good and keeping our energies up! I would say that they are the power duo! The results were beautiful and we were spoilt for choice on what goes into our album. I would definitely recommend John15 to others, in fact, I've already done so!


Cheng Edwina

John Lin was the professional photography, together with his lovely assistance Jaclyn throughout the whole duration of service. There was no other choices to begin with. I have 2 friends who engaged the services of John15 Photography. I took a liking to the photographs taken by John15 and found out from my friends about John15's professionalism in dealing with clients. Hence, we decided to engage John15's services. John is open to ideas and suggestions. He is willing to accommodate our wild ideas at the pre-photoshoot stage. During the photoshoot, John is patient to people like me with no posing skills. He is also resourceful and creative, using available and existing props to bring out the best angles in the photoshoot. John is also entertaining, often joking around to lighten the mood and to relax the couples in the photoshoot. After the photoshoot, John would spend time and effort to edit the pictures, meet up with us to go through each and every picture, and let us select the pictures without any stress/obligations on our part. Our photo was one which brought us to dairy farm for a rock climbing shot. During the photoshoot, John accidentally dropped an important part of his lense. Rather than ending the photoshoot, John decided to carry on the photoshoot with the help of his existing equipment and technical skill. Luckily, we found the missing equipment and resumed the phototaking. The shots at Dairy Farm requires much climbing, carrying of heavy equipment through mud, dirt and forest. John was professional and open to the idea, although, during the photoshoot, he was drenched in sweat, dirty from lying on the sandy ground and even tired from much climbing and balancing on mini boulders just to get the perfect shot. During the actual day of the wedding, John was also busy throughout the whole day from the morning ceremony to the night wedding reception. He even use the 2 hours of break prior to the solemnisation to prepare a video of the actual day proceedings in time for the wedding dinner. Such sacrifice and thoughtfulness are what we appreciate of him. I would strongly recommend John15 to others, be it for wedding shots, maternity shots, etc. We really love how the photos turned out because there was couple OWNERSHIP in the pictures that made every shot unique to the couple and not just some standard photography tricks that we see these days. Also, John's professionalism as describe earlier makes the whole working relationship comfortable and as stress free as possible.


JR Hickman

John 15 and his team delivers quality photos that really capture the moment. He is not afraid to jump into a pool fully clothed if that is what is needed to get the best shot. Have utilized their services three times already and look forward to working with them again. Would recommend them for your wedding if you are looking to get awesome candid shots that bring back fond memories.