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King's Cart Coffee is a mobile coffee catering service founded by the barista and roaster of Shrove Tuesday - a micro roaster situated in the heartlands of Singapore, Toa Payoh.

From birthday parties, weddings to corporate events, we strive to provide the best quality brew and service. King's Cart Coffee uses a La Marzocco Linea Mini and a F64 Evo Coffee Grinder that is highly revered by top baristas all over the world. Apart from its sleek design, our baristas are able to produce between 50-70 cups of coffee per hour. Simply provide us with an area with 2 x 13 amp power sockets, we'll be able to get it done! 

Services we offer:

  • Mobile Coffee Bar
  • Barista Courses
  • Rental of Brew Automatic Machine
  • Logo Customization for your event (Either Stamping on Cup Sleeves, Or, Sticker on Cup)
  • Booth Customization for your event

Head over to our website to find out more about us, by clicking HERE!

Location: Singapore

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