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It started with an entry-level DSLR that I bought in Japan back in 2008. Through these years, it was more of a hobby rather than turning it into a service which became a reality in 2014. 

Looking back at those wonderful photos that I have captured of my children, Edward and Natalie, I realized how important it is to keep these memories and how much they have grown over the years. Family and friends also play an important role in my life.

I always believe in doing something that I love and doing it at affordable pricing. Friends who know me will tell you that I believe in providing service that is of "Good Quality, yet Affordable".

There is no turning back now as we have successfully delivered over 300 jobs (as of Jan'17) since early 2015. Comments and reviews have been very encouraging and this spurs us to do better for our families, friends, and clients. 

We have client-turn-friend stories and many have supported our presence and it is simply amazing!

Our little achievement comes a long way from our families, friends, and supporters who believe in our works, our assurance and not forgetting our commitment - that is to deliver the best.

To our clients-to-be, give us a chance to capture that special moment in your life and have them turned into unforgettable memories for years to come. 

My team and I look forward to 'capture memories of your lifetime'.


Founder, Chief Photographer

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