Cedric & Jean

'Siao eh', that is Jean's pet name. Yes, instead of choosing something endearing, Cedric decided to go with something as provoking as 'siao eh' (Hokkien slang for 'crazy'), and yet, here they are today, standing together as Husband and Wife.

There is no secret to their relationship though, behind that seemingly fatuous disposition is an unbelievably loving, thoughtful and caring husband, and Jean is not only beautiful, she is witty and exudes an affable demeanor. The love, comfort, and chemistry between this couple are apparent, even bordering obvious.

Maybe it is her smile, there is something about her smile that can uplift the atmosphere, the very same smile that Cedric fell in love with.


Pre-Wed: SGD2,000 / Actual: SGD4,000

Location: Singapore, InterContinental Singapore

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