Hua Fei & Grace

In this wonderful marriage of Hua Fei and Grace which was filled with love, we were happy and honored to witness their affection of love and also their parental love for them. 

And this affection of love is one of the reasons why we love to capture wedding videography. Not only do we capture the love and emotions of the couple, but also the unconditional love and dedication from their parents. 

There were a few words beautifully spoken by Grace's father that touched the hearts of the audience. It went like this, "I am no longer the greatest Papa anymore because I have handed over this responsibility to Hua Fei and I wish, hope, and pray Hua Fei will be the greatest to her."

Thank you Hua Fei and Grace for the opportunity to capture your wedding. 


Actual: SGD2,588 / Pre-wed: SGD2,000

Location: Singapore, SwissĂ´tel Merchant Court Singapore

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My wife and I would like to thank Desmond and Sky from the aferriswheel studio for capturing all the beautiful and significant moments of our wedding. We can't remember how many times it touches our heart whenever we view the footage.They were patient and showed pure professionalism by accommodating all of our request. Exceeds our expectation!