Ray & Hui Shi

Today, we witness how two different individuals value each other and celebrate their intangible love in front of the full attendance of families and friends in the solemnization room. During the ceremony, I had to hold back my tears (when both of them cried), seeing them exchange their wonderful and touching vows, you could sense and feel that they really out in the effort and thoughts to express their gratitude and love for each other. 

I'm happy and glad for both of them to have such a complete wedding and most importantly creating a story of their own. Let us share with you the celebration of this lovely couple Ray and Hui Shi, a memory that will last them a lifetime. 

Thank you Ray and Hui Shi for trusting us to be your videographer on your wedding and we are appreciative of your hospitality. Lastly, we wish you both a happy marriage!


Actual: SGD2,588 / Pre-wed: SGD2,000

Location: Singapore, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

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My wife and I would like to thank Desmond and Sky from the aferriswheel studio for capturing all the beautiful and significant moments of our wedding. We can't remember how many times it touches our heart whenever we view the footage.They were patient and showed pure professionalism by accommodating all of our request. Exceeds our expectation!