Sean & Pris

Being a huge running man fan, the couple wanted to have the same running man concept for their wedding video, and so here we are, we decided to make their dreams come true for their wedding.

Concept inspired from the Running Man show!


Actual: SGD3,200

Location: East

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Alvin Yeo

I promised Kelvin that I will ensure that the best review I could conjure up with comes with an absolute glimmer. 3 full mornings of careful planning, not so much of what we expect, but when you sit with Kelvin, speak to him of the feel you hope to achieve when you go through the process of the wedding. As you share, look also at what your audience might be looking out for. You know why? Because Alanmitchi will capture EVERY, and I mean every moment that can effectively bring across the message at that particular second, at that particular story juncture. You have average videographers that really give you, what you expect. I personally threw a challenge to him to say, 'let's not have a concept and theme where its fabricated.' Let's capture the truest moments on film. We know that Alanmitchi is fantastic at film parodies and digs at variety flicks. It was after the gauntlet was thrown to him, that he evolved this realistic SDE into one of the best I've ever witnessed, and what's more, at our own wedding. The SDE, coupled up with the video that appreciates our parents, were the key highlights of the night. Realistic, not overboard, efficient use of every second in filming, yet capturing the right moment at that point. Never complaining, always accommodating in your never-ending ideas, and you could say there was to be no regret when you deal with Kelvin and team. There was no hint of 'money takes all' kinda mentality, but more so of 'what more can I do so your wedding can be even more special'. This is Kelvin for you. This, is Alanmitchi. The video was tinged with excitement and unexpected twists. But more importantly, a lasting, perfect memory of our wedding. Thank You Kelvin and team. It was a wonderful wedding, only with the addition of Alanmitchi's expertise in not just comedies and parodies, but realism and emotion. We would vastly recommend their Same-Day Edit production, as well as their appreciation videos, should you be looking to have these. :) Alvin & Hui Yu (19.6.16)


Hui Ting

"Its our wedding day, and we only go for the best". These are me and my husband's firm words when choosing AlanMitchi. We met Kelvin a year ago when we started sourcing for vendors for our big day. Having seen the many awesome actual day videos, we knew AlanMitchi would be the one. I vividly remembered our first meeting with Kelvin. He felt like a long lost best friend and we shared crazy and fun new ideas together. His talent and "go for it" attitude really amazed me. When filming our interview concept video, we felt at ease facing the camera despite being the first time on camera. The video turned out perfect and our guests even commented that both of us looked very natural on screen! Morning highlights was exactly what we envisioned. He captured every fun and loving moments that we kept hitting the replay button as we can't get enough of it. The ROM highlights simply blew our minds away. Having to create 1 perfect video during the short interval in the afternoon was amazing. But having to create yet another perfect video in approximately an hour or so was beyond imagination. The short but precise video exceeded our expectations. We simply love it. Thank you Kelvin and team for creating this unforgettable day for us! Thumbs up! Kuang Yao & Hui Ting