Bridal Collection 3

French lace with tulle skirt.


Rental: fr SGD1,300 / MTM: fr SGD1,800

Location: Central

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Sabrina Sengol

Shirley herself assisted me and she was great. I had gone to others but they were so pushy. I already knew exactly what I wanted but other places I went kept making me try on other designs which weren't me at all. Shirley was warm & easy to talk to from the beginning. Her studio also made me feel at home whenever I came by. She gave me advice and also helped me to find the perfect lace for my dress. She never insisted I try other looks or designs. She helped me made changes till my dress was perfect. She also helped me with both my bouquets. Again I already knew exactly what I wanted & she sourced the flowers just as I wanted. Trusting her with this made everything so much easier and me more relaxed as the day approached. The end result was what I had envisioned was all brought to life with her help and talent. I would definitely recommend her to others and I don't make recommendations easily especially for something as important as a wedding gown.


Karen Yeoh

Like others, I went around the block searching for the perfect bridal gown/shop and visited around 7-8 shops before I came to Shirley and immediately I knew I would go with her as it's important to feel comfortable with the dress designer/maker. She knew very quickly what I wanted and gave me her input after discussing on what I was looking for in terms of my MTM dress. Shirley was always patient when it came to changing/altering the dresses, she's also really reassuring and calm, which is always needed leading up to the wedding! Shirley engage with me very quickly and she took time to understand what kind of person I am and catering the dress that best suits me. On top of that she even did my hair and make up for me, which was amazing. Even if it was just patching up an extra small lace, she would always sound very happy to do so and not make her customers feel bad about it. Not forgetting to mention that she also did an awesome lace cheongsam for me despite the initial hesitation to it. I would definitely recommend Flamingo Bridal to the others, in fact I have already done so! Just great to find someone you know you can trust in making you look and feel beautiful on your big day!


Lynn Ern Chua

I visited a few other bridal studios and found them too pushy and questioned their sincerity when they said things like, "Today is your lucky day. My boss is in a good mood and I can offer you this discount/offer." My colleague highly recommended that I check out Flamingo Bridal and I'm so glad for this recommendation. Shirley is so approachable and patient. She listened to all my thoughts, gave really helpful suggestions and was not pushy at all. Her studio is also a pleasant and comfortable environment. Her package price is very, very reasonable as well, taking into account everything that she offers in it. She did my hair, makeup, floral bouquet, corsages and car decor. They were all so beautiful. Not over-the-top or too much for me to take. She took into account my preferences and personality. What I imagined my dresses to be, she made them SO MUCH better. My friend who drove the bridal car also told me that, based on his previous experiences of helping to be a bridal car driver, he thinks Shirley's car decor is the best so far. She did not use glue or tape or the like, she just did really good knots and they were tied so securely. He was very, very impressed. I would STRONGLY HIGHLY recommend Flamingo Bridal to couples looking to engage a bridal studio!