John & Karena

Both being flight crews, even though they have the privilege to travel to places, yet most of the time, they do not have much time to explore in details. John and Karena hence decided to plan their photoshoot together with their precious holidays, where they can use the time to explore, and at the same time, enjoy themselves. They were open to ideas and adventurous to explore areas for their photo shoot. Kudos to the great chemistry between the both of them, making the photo shoot a smooth and fun one!


Location: Korea, Seoul

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Desmond Chua

We have engaged Chris from Lightcraft for our photographer in our ROM event - an engagement that will never go wrong for record the important moments of your life. Chris is a very cheerful, friendly and approachable guy. The positive vibes spread by him is exactly what we need during the photoshoot. My wife and I are fairly noob to be observed through the lens, fortunately with Chris guidance and suggestion, all the photos produced turned out to the best of what we could expect it to be. Not forgetting to mention that Chris has done his homework well beforehand - scout the area for the best shooting location to bring out the different ambience, feeling and expression of us. All in all, 6 stars will be my rating to Lightcrafts - from pre-meeting, actual shooting and post production. Strongly recommend him for any photography event. He will satisfy your requirements. :)


Alvin Chia

If you are someone who enjoys reimmersing yourself in happy moments, then Chrispy is the photographer for you. My pre-wedding photo album by Chrispy has been in my living room for 2 years now. We have been looking through it every now and then, reimmersing ourselves in the joy of our wedding preparation. The photos are amazing and we never gets bored over it. The photos encapsulated the sweet moments we had in the beautiful ambience of Korea, in our most natural way. The photoshoot experienced we had was awesome. The 3 days of photo shoot was fun! We were nervous on the first day, but fortunately Chrispy was there to help us feel at ease. We joke and laugh throughout the shoot. We get less nervous and more natural on the 2nd day and the 3rd day. He is more of a friend than just a professional photographer. In the 3 days, we had our mini adventure that was definitely worth remembering. All we did was have fun and... Wala~! Chrispy captured many wonderful photos of us! If you are thinking whether 3 days of photoshoot is too long, well, I think it is necessary for you to be relax and be the most natural you during the shoot. The skills of the photographer is important, but the main characters of the photos have to be in their best form too. I will definitely say that we needed it. Haha... Chrispy, thank you again for the amazing photos!!!


Sharon Ong

Chrispy was the photographer who did our pre-wedding shoot in Korea. My husband and I know him after we signed a package with another bridal boutique to shoot our pre-wedding in Korea. I got to know Chrispy through a common client of ours when he was the photographer and I was the make up artist. In the end, we become friends and we still keep in contact. Despite that my husband and I already paid a package to Korea, we still engage Chrispy to take our outdoor photoshoot in Korea. We know that the pre wedding shoot by bridal boutique might not be as ideal as what we want because it's mainly indoor. And what we like was to have photos of us being our true self with the nice weather and the natural scenary. We were worried that we might over spend our wedding budget. But it turns out that, it was all worthwhile to engage Chrispy. We LOVE ALL the photos!! Through this 2 photoshoot encounter with Chrispy, i could say that he is a passionate person who would do whatever it takes to make it work. He would do all his homework (researching for nice and unique places that suits his client). I'm the type of person who don't know how to pose to take nice pictures. But Chrispy is able to make me feel comfortable and he's good at taking natural shots. So, for those who like to have natural shots, Chrispy is the guy who can make your dreams come true! Thank you Chrispy once again!! We did not regret our decision!!


Karena Chong Yaping

No regrets choosing Chris for our rom and pre wedding as our photographer. For our pre wed shoot, we decided to shoot at korea for a week. Chris actually made the effort to send us a proposal regarding the concept of the shoot, weather conditions, the choices of places, type of clothes to bring for the shoot and etc. This is very good as we do not need to worry about anything prior and during the shoot. We like how Chris will choose from a variety of places for the shoot and introduce individually to us and eventually, let us have the final decision. While in korea, it is a norm that everyone wants to rush and maximise the time and get as much photos as possible however, Chris always made sure we have ample rest in between shoots. Also, he would make the shoot as fun and natural as possible, rather than just posing there in a still position and smiling awkwardly. Whenever we are unsure of what to pose, he would show us some inspirational examples downloaded from his gallery. Of course, we get to view the photos time to time without even requesting. He captures emotions very well and also every photos he has taken shows a storyline. We like how he plays with different gadgets and accessories to capture different perspectives of the shot. In addition, he would also offer to lend us his gadgets for us to play during our free time in korea. During the collection of the photos, he surprised us with an A4-sized box that was presented with printed images which were the highlights of the photoshoot and of course, the soft copies in a thumb drive. The photos turned out very well and we received so many compliments from our friends. We felt like it was not just a typical wedding photoshoot but rather also a lifestyle shoot that depicts the daily interaction a couple would have in their relationship. Definitely, we will always recommend Chris to whomever who need their precious moment to be taken on their big day! It felt like he was not just another photographer, but more like a friend! Thank you Chris! A wonderful job! 10/10 points.