Jim & Peling

Highlights of Jim and Peiling's wedding day.


Pre-wed: SGD1,000 / Actual: SGD2,000

Location: Singapore, Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore

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We engaged Patrick as our videographer for our ROM and he was so kind to help us snap a few shots during our ROM as well! Hubz and I are not those posey kind of couple and that we prefer natural shots. We did communicate this with him prior to the photography session. He listened and I must say I totally enjoyed the short session with him! No poses but just natural conversation with hubz while he catches all the key moments and expressions in his camera. When he showed us the sneak peeks, I was totally impressed that a simple question from Patrick, “What is the most memorable thing both of you have encountered together. Close your eyes and think for a while.”, can lead to so much flashback and never-ending laughter from hubz and I when we recall this moment together. This is the kind of photoshoot I am looking for, natural smile and expressions! Furthermore, he is really very friendly, quick-witted and accommodating! He did everything as per our requests and will do site recce days before the photoshoot to find the most suitable areas for photography. I would highly recommend him as you wedding photographer for both pre-wedding and actual day!


Luke Lim

This review should have been done a long time ago but we were too caught up with all the preparations at that time. But I believe good things are meant to be shared! I got to know Love Crafted through a good friend when I was planning my proposal. I've a rough plan but somehow the idea of "1) Japan Mt Fuji", "2) Surprise", "3) Videography + Photography", "4) Flower" can't seem to fall into place. You can have one element or another but not all, esp so since i'm not familiar with the area. It almost sound like an impossible plan. I would expect any local photographer to forgo this assignment. Too much uncertainties and planning required. But upon hearing the idea, Love Crafted's Patrick immediately say: "Come, Lets do it!" Frankly at that time, his passion and enthusiasm really made me see light at the end of the tunnel! :D We meet a few more times to go through the area maps, the transport arrangement, think of code words to communicate (in case we got caught!),etc. I suppose a photographer's job is just to shoot. All these additional planning were above and beyond his pay cheque alr! I was even more amazed when he suggested this: 1) He will specially make a trip from Tokyo to Mt Fuji the day before to recee the route and to find a good 'spot' (I specifically told him I want Mt Fuji as the backdrop, very demanding i know! HAHA) 2) He will help to buy flowers in Tokyo and pass to me discreetly 3) He will 'lead' us to the 'spot', I just need to follow him. Now, that's real impressive professionalism! He just went all out to make sure my then-gf gets a memorable proposal. (or maybe all out to help me get a 'Yes'). Of course, everything went smoothly and all were captured perfectly! :) We were so satisfied that we also asked him to settle our AD. If we can rate 10 stars we will gladly do that! Thumbs up Patrick!


ChenYeh Tan

Patrick replies our texts very readily and promptly. We were initially against the idea of a pre-wedding shoot, because we were very busy then and absolutely hate the awkwardness of posing. We went ahead anyway (somewhat unwillingly) because it was part of our AD photog package during a promo period. Patrick arrived at the venue early to recce the place. He alleviated the apprehension of a photoshoot and the photos turned out to be natural and candid. As we had chosen an outdoor venue and it was raining, he was kind enough to suggest waiting for the rain to pass, rather than hastily pushing us to find an indoor venue as plan B. He was more like a friend and was responsible in delivering good quality photos. The service was beyond expectation. Really thankful for Patrick for rendering his friendly service and at times double hatting as wedding planner (answering our wedding related queries). Definitely recommended.


Yew Chuen Chae

our photographer is Patrick Poh, we have look at several other photographers but the quality and what they can do, is not a good match to our requirement and budget. My wife and i have so many wacky ideas and locations which patrick really sat down with us and work out and details and steamline the plans. we do not have the easiest photoshoot especially it invoved a muay thai gym and star wars


Stephanie Ruth To

Patrick is a very innovative and sincere photographer and videographer. Experienced first hand of his professionalism from the planning stages to the execution of the proposal big day, Patrick remained resourceful and focused on task at hand. In the midst of it, his light hearted-ness and fun-loving character made the whole production joyous and memorable even for helpers. After event, he did a beautiful consolidation of the proposal's video montage and once again wow-ed us and brought back the sweet memories. Thumbs up and highly recommended for his innovative, professional and creative keen eye services.



Amazing service, although I was only helping out for a friend and not the main star, I can sense the sincerity and the efforts put in by Patrick towards ensuring the event went through successfully. There were minor hiccups in the venue as it was all the way in Seoul but Patrick took things in his stride, arranged for the best angles with multiple last minute changes. He was also most responsive to questions and kept us,helpers, informed to the last detail. Kudos for the planning power and the responsiveness. The video came out w the leads looking good, male looks younger and female looks so ever pretty and spotty. Most importantly, Patrick kept the mood high with his jokes and drama moments. Definitely will recommend to all those who are seeking for prewedding, so tempted to redo my wedding proposal so Patrick can film for me and the mister!!



Patrick is a wonderful photographer that we would not hesitate to recommend to any one. My husband and I were initially very worried about our wedding photos and how they'd turn out as we are both not the most comfortable in front of a camera. Until we met Pat. He made us so comfortable and was the most perfect photographer. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos and even included some very funny ones that sum up our relationship perfectly. The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots. Thank you so much Patrick! You captured our day perfectly.